The Oil Cleansing Method

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The Oil Cleansing Method

Please be aware that it may take a couple of weeks for your skin to get use to this method. You can do it daily, weekly, or whatever works for you and your skin.

The oil cleansing method can help with issues like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blackheads, whiteheads and problems caused by mild to moderate acne. Using this method gently removes the environmental garbage that gets on our skin during the day, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin. This method is also great for removing makeup!

Skin naturally produces oil called sebum to keep your skin healthy, moist, and nourished. Your body knows how much sebum to produce to maintain optimal skin health. Sebum protects your skin from environmental pollutants. When we wash our face with traditional cleansers, we not only strip away dirt but the natural sebum our bodies produce. Not only…

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38 Uses for Vodka!



Neither my husband nor myself drink alcohol. We’ve nothing against it; it just hasn’t found a place in our lives.  We do, however, keep a ginormous bottle of vodka that gets used pretty liberally.  The stuff is as awesome as baking soda or castile soap!

For instance, the other day I noticed that one of my locs (dreadlocks) had some build up.  Locs tend to hold onto EVERYTHING and while I have locs to avoid having to do much with my hair, I don’t actually want to LOOK like I don’t do anything with my hair.  It was time to bring out the big guns.  I did my usual apple cider vinegar and baking soda wash and after rinsing that out, I mixed vodka and castile soap and washed with that.  It always does the trick!  My hair is super duper clean, soft and as shiny as my hair gets.  🙂

Hair is only the tip of the iceberg my friends!  Below, you’ll find a list of ways we use this versatile liquid as well as a few extra uses I’ve found here and there. I use the cheapest vodka I find. It should be 80 proof/40% alcohol.   Are you ready to get your vodka on?

1.  Obviously, Drink it- Drink it plain or infuse fruits and stuff into it.  I’ve seen skittles and bacon………..not together if that helps!

2.  Vanilla extract– This is one of my standard, “Oh, crap, I don’t have a gift or time to get one,” remedies.  It’s super simple.   All you need is vodka, a container and vanilla beans.  I’d say 2 beans per 1 cup vodka.  Slice the vanilla beans open length wise and stick them in the vodka.  Let it sit for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of forever; the longer the better.  If you find that you are running low on extract, simply replace what you use with vodka every now and then.  This is also great to add other spices to such as nutmeg and cinnamon.    Pssst!!  You can also use this method with cocoa powder for chocolate extract!

3. Herbal tinctures- You may want to use a higher proof for tinctures depending on how quickly you use them and if you’re using fresh herbs.  Alcohol is a natural preservative but with fresh herbs the alcohol gets more diluted because of the water content in the plants.  For a basic tincture, you place your herbs in a jar and fill it with vodka,  up to about an inch from the top.  Then you place a lid on the jar and let it sit in a dark corner for about 4-6 weeks.  It’s fine if you leave it longer.  Strain your herbs and you are good to go!  Now making herbal tinctures can definitely be more complicated than this but I’m a newbie to the game and like to keep it simple.  I am not one who measures much but if you need more specifics you can go with 1:2 ratio for fresh herbs and a 1:5 ratio for dried herbs. (Herbs: vodka)  You can also make tinctures with apple cider vinegar or food grade glycerin but I have yet to do it.  So far the favorite that I’ve made is an Echinacea/Elderberry tincture for colds and an immune system boost.

4. Fabreeze- Stick some vodka in a spray bottle and spritz your clothes/ furniture to help with any funk they might have.  Great for mildew, cigarette, and sweat smells too. Great for stinky shoes!  I like to add essential oils for scent.  By the way this leads us to number 5……..

5. Perfume- A little bit of vodka, your choice of essential oils and BAM!  You’ve got yourself a custom made perfume.

6.  Hand Sanitizer-  In a pinch vodka will do the trick!  It’s antibacterial!  (Although I’m kind of curious about the situation you’re in that leaves you with vodka but no soap and water…….. sounds like you had fun!)

7.  Astringent or Aftershave-  It will clean your skin and tighten those pores!

8.  Glass Cleaner- Mix  vodka and water for a streak free shine! It removes hairspray from mirrors and  I use it on my glasses too.  Well, I did before my two year old got ahold of them.

9.  All Purpose Cleaner- Mix vodka and water 50/50 and you got a cleaner that will disinfect, cut grease and take care of soap scum. Great for making your fixtures shine!  (For soap scum, leave on for 5minutes and then rinse.)

10. Jewelry- Soak jewelry in a 50/50 solution.  (Don’t put your pearls in it though!)

11. Disinfectant- I dip my tooth brush in vodka every now and then to kill bacteria.  I also use it mixed with water  to wash things down after someone has been sick.

12. Antiseptic Mouthwash-  You can either let ingredients like cinnamon, peppermint, and cloves sit in vodka for a few weeks or use essential oils.  I typically do 50/50 vodka/water with various essential oils.  I use combinations of cinnamon, clove, tea tree, peppermint, and lemon essential oils when I make it.  You can add stevia if the taste is too offensive but I find it’s usually refreshing.

13.  Hair- As I said ^^^^^way up there, I use vodka in my hair to clarify and prevent/remove product buildup.  Vodka detoxes scalp and hair and removes hard water minerals.  It can also be used for dandruff issues.  Just add a shot glass worth into your shampoo.  If you’re looking for bouncy, shiny hair, vodka will help you here too.  It lowers the PH of your hair which helps to keep your cuticles closed.  Add a shot glass to your conditioner and you’ll be walking down the street, pretending you’re in a hair commercial.  You’ll look absolutely ridiculous but your hair will be fly!  (Do people still say fly?)

14.  Flowers- To keep cut flowers looking fresher for longer, add a couple drops of vodka and a teaspoon of sugar into the water and change every other day.

15.  Caulking- Spray undiluted vodka on the caulking and tiles of your bathroom to kill mold and mildew.  Leave on for about 5 minutes and then rinse.

16.  Wasp spray/Bug repellant- Spray yourself with vodka to repel bugs!  It also kills wasps and bees if you spray it on them but please don’t kill the bees.  We really need them!

17. Air Freshener- Spraying plain vodka in the air can leave the room refreshed without leaving a scent.  If you do want a scent, add some essential oils.

18. Keep aphids off plants- Dip a cotton ball or cloth in vodka and wipe off the leaves of your plants.  I wouldn’t use this on delicate plants though.

19.  Clean Crystal and Porcelain- Great for holiday ornaments!

20. Goo Removal- Fantastic at removing sticker residue and various gooey substances left behind by children!  It’s also good for painless band-aide removal.

21. Wine and other stubborn Stains- Pour a little more alcohol on those red wine stains and it should come right out.  It’s also good for lipstick, oil stains, ink and grass stains.

22. Razors- Prolong the life of razors by soaking them in vodka after shaving.  It disinfects and prevents rust!

23.  Ice pack- Mix about a cup of vodka with ½ cup water and put it in a ziplock type bag for a malleable ice pack.

24. Aches and Pains- Put lavender in a jar and fill it with vodka.  Leave it in the sun for a few days and then strain.  Rub on aches and pains.

25. Stinky Feet- Wash them with vodka.

26. Sore throat- Put a tablespoon of vodka into warm water and gargle.

27. Toothache- Swish it in your mouth until your gums absorb some of the alcohol.  Your tooth should feel better.   Bonus points if you made that mouth wash with clove oil! Clove is great for toothaches.

28. Jellyfish Sting- No need to pee on yourself……or to have one of your friends do it.  Well, unless you don’t have any vodka.  If you do have the vodka, I’ve read that it makes a great replacement for pee.

29. Poison Ivy/Oak- Rub it on for relief.

30.  Flakey Pie Crust– Rumor has it that if you replace the water in your crust recipe with ice cold vodka,  it makes it extra flakey.   Flakey…….Is it me or is that a weird word when written out?  Flaky? Flakey…….. on to number 31!

31.  Fever- I, for the most part, don’t mess with fevers.  It’s usually your body’s way of trying to help you out.  If you need to bring a fever down though, vodka can help!  Soak a washcloth in vodka; then rub on your chest and back.

32. Cold Sores-Dab a bit of vodka on it with a q-tip.  You can do this daily until it goes away.

33. Weed Killer– Spraying vodka on weeds is pretty effective.  I wait until midday and then use a concoction of vodka, a few drops of dish soap and some salt to spray on the weeds.   Vodka works all by its lonesome but I like to play mad scientist.

34.  First Aid- If your first aid kit is bare but your liquor cabinets are full……..well, you might want to re-evaluate a few things!  *clears throat* Uh, I gotta go re stock my first aid kit now….     I kid, but you can really use vodka in place of rubbing alcohol.  It works on bug bites, open blisters, and small cuts.  It’s a good anesthetic and disinfectant.

35.  Vomit Stains– Ironically, vodka will take care of that.

36.  Ear Aches- Vodka kills the bacteria in the ear.  Put a few drops in your ear, tilt your head so it doesn’t roll out and let it stay for a few minutes.  Then tilt your head the other way to drain.

37. Remove rust from screws- Leave the screws in plain vodka for a few hours and then wipe the rust right off.

38.  Shoe funk- Spray it in your shoes and let it dry.  Easy peasy!

Disclaimer: Please remember that I’m not a doctor or any type of medical professional.  I’m simply a lady with leftover vodka.

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Pancakes and Lightbulbs!

As I stood at the stove preparing the first meal of the day for my family, I realized that I am in a new, loving and healthy relationship.  There is something so satisfying about nourishing something that nourishes you back.  This particular relationship feeds me as I feed it,literally.  I’m talking about food.

I’ve had an incredible mind-shift and it certainly didn’t happen overnight and hopefully it won’t ever be complete.  I look around my kitchen and it’s one that’s completely different from the tomb it was even a year ago.   My kitchen a year ago held dead food for people who were set up to follow far too soon.  Now I look around and it’s brimming with life.  My friend, Alison was the catalyst for this realization.  I was lamenting over the difficulties of becoming healthy and feeling that I just wasn’t doing enough.  As I tried to relay how awful I was doing, I realized that I’ve made progress and I’m moving steadily towards my goals.  My all or nothing mindset has been slightly altered without me knowing and slowly changes, good changes, are being made. Thank you, Alison!

What is all this nonsense about a living kitchen that I feed? Well, this morning we had delicious sourdough wholewheat pancakes.  I made a sourdough starter by carefully calculating the exact amounts and ingredients……..Okay, just kidding!  I made a sourdough starter the way I typically do things, which is:

1. Look up how to do it.

2. Figure out/look up the science behind it.

3. Throw caution to the wind and do it my own way.  

The making of a sourdough starter the traditional way is really easy but it takes something I lack; patience.  You mix flour and water and you let it sit for a week or so, collecting wild yeasts from the air.  You feed it periodically with flour and water and eventually it bubbles up and you’ve got a starter.  There are a few nuances to it but that’s basically how it goes.  My version went something like this:

I mixed flour and kombucha because kombucha already has yeasts but then I decided, why not mix jun too because it has different yeasts and……yeah, why not?  Then I thought, kombucha eats sugar and jun eats honey and so I added sucanat and raw honey to the mix.   When I came back from running errands my starter had doubled.  I’m not sure if the real bakers in this world would frown upon my interpretation of a starter but it made some delicious pancakes! I’ll continue feeding it twice a day with just flour and water 🙂

Did you hear that?  I FEED my food!  It’s alive and hungry and needs to eat and when I care for it, in turn, it cares for me!  It’s a beautiful thing people!  I don’t even know how to convey in writing how this light bulb moment has made me feel so I’ll put it this way………. Mind. Blown!

Now I’m not saying that I’ve turned into an actual real live foodie who knows everything about healthy food because I’m sure I’m making mistakes but I’ll learn from them and I’m moving in a forward direction.  I’m also sure that people will disagree about what’s healthy and that has merit  but I firmly believe that there is more than one way to get to the same place and I’m so happy with the scenery on the path I’ve chosen so far.  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead and to look back a year from now and talk about how enlightened I thought I was!  

How about a recipe?  Here’s how I made this morning’s pancakes.

This recipe made 6 pretty large pancakes.

1 tsp Baking Soda

2 Tbsp Water

3 Tbsp Melted Butter (I used Kerrygold but I bet you could substitute coconut oil if you wanted)

1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Sea Salt (Just because that’s what we use.)

1 egg (by the way, I tried duck eggs yesterday and was NOT a fan!  They smelled and tasted like wet dog!  Have any of you used or tried them?  What do you think?)

2 cups Sourdough Starter

Warm up a pan to medium heat.  Mix baking soda and water, then set aside.  Next mix everything else and add the water/baking soda mixture last.  Pour batter in pan and flip when edges are browned.  These pancakes are naturally bubbly so you can’t really go by that and they cook super quickly.  Enjoy!

29 ways to use an over the door shoe holder!


29 ways to use an over the door shoe holder!

1. Lunch making supplies: Sandwich Bags, napkins, plastic utensils, lunch box notes, straws, snacks, etc.

2. Spice rack: Place your spices in the pockets and you can even alphabetize them.

3. Snack holder: Fill with healthy and child-friendly snacks that your children are able to help themselves.

4. Craft/sewing supplies: The perfect pockets to hold all your craft and or sewing supplies, including thread, yarn, scissors, hot glue gun, craft magazines, ribbons and laces.

5. Food sorter: Place small items such as cake decorating supplies, season packets, powder drink mixes, boxed rice and pastas.

6. Utensil holder: To end the hunt of digging for the potato peeler or spatula, organize your kitchen gadgets and utensils for easy viewing in each pocket.

7. Art supplies: Create a child accessible art center by placing and storing paint brushes, scissors, rolls of tape, glue sticks and felt markers.

8. Child’s toys: Small cars, action figures, stuffed animals, dolls and accessories to small toys and gadgets.

9. Wrapping supplies: Create a wrapping center by using the pockets to hold ribbons, bows, scissors, tape, and gift enclosure cards.

10. Children’s clothing: Give your child independence when it comes to getting dressed by filling the pockets with their socks, undergarments, tights, shoes and belts.

11. Baby station: The one stop center for new baby diapers, ointments, undershirts, pajamas, socks, lotions, pacifiers, rattles and any other baby items.

12. Jewelry: Hang a shoe organizer in your closest and sort and store all of your fun costume jewelry for easy access and storage.

13. For guests: When you have over-night guests use a shoe organizer to place items they may need including shampoo, soap, extra toothbrush, snacks and even reading material. What better way to say welcome, make yourself at home? Hang in your guest bedroom or bathroom.

14. Hanging junk drawer: Empty and organize your junk drawer into all of the shoe organizer pockets-place all the items you need to find but often have to search and dig for, such as: flash lights, batteries, camera, super glue, measuring tape, permanent markers, etc. Hang it in a hall, laundry or other convenient location.

15. Garage storage: Fill with cans of spray paint or children’s stuff, like basketball inflation needles, goggles, squirt guns, gardening tools or squirt hose attachments. All the small items that typically get lost and buried in the garage are now organized. Spray paint fits perfectly in this pockets!

16. Homework/office supplies: Store your surplus of office and homework supplies, including pencils, erasers, scissors, hole puncher, staplers, rolls of tape, notepads, pens and pencils.

17. Video game storage: Store controllers, wires, cords and games in the pockets for simple storage and use.

18. Bathrooms: No more over-stuffed bathroom drawers and cabinets when you use a hanging door shoe organizer to store all of your bathroom necessities in – lotions, makeup, curling irons, hair driers, head bands, nail polishes, mirrors, sprays, hair products and even first aid items

19. Hall closet or mudroom: Fill the shoe organizer with items you need to take on the go -mittens, scarves, hats, cough drops, school supplies, sun glasses, keys, wipes, umbrellas, small tissue packages, sunscreen or mail that needs to be mailed out. Hang it in either the hall closet or your mudroom.

20. On the go: Next time you travel, toss an empty shoe organizer into your suitcase for an instant travel organizer. Once you arrive to your destination you can fill it with all of your toiletries, cameras, sunglasses, room keys, snacks and end the digging and searching in the bottom of your suitcases.

21. Dorm life: College dorms seem to never have enough storage space so use these shoe organizers to store cameras, music devices, hair accessories, toiletries, sunglasses, DVD’s, school supplies and anything you just need a place for.

22. Cleaning Supplies: Give yourself easy access to your household cleaning supplies by keeping them organized. Better than digging through cabinets!

23. Advent Calendar: Place a number in each pocket and store a treat behind it!

24. Planter: Wouldn’t it be nice to have fresh spices in your kitchen? Plant a variety out of the way and in reach for your delicious dishes!

25. Education: Make or buy flashcards to put in each pocket and use it as an educational tool for your kids! You can use numbers, letters, matching games, the possibilities are endless!

26. Chore Chart: Place pictures of each chore your child needs to complete in a separate pocket. As the chores are done, turn the picture around! Works great for adults too!

27. Seed Packets: Perfect for organizing seeds for your garden!

28. Car Organizer: Divide in half and hang one on the back of each front seat to give the kids easy access.

29.Shoes: Well, that’s rather obvious isn’t it? Still, it’s a great use for a shoe holder!



I’ve been making a lot of banana ice cream, smoothies and popsicles this summer. There are so many varieties of banana ice cream you can make! The middle is a picture of the finished product. For a soft serve ice cream, cut and freeze bananas and put them in your blender or food processor with whatever other ingredients you think would taste good. I like to mix my ingredients with unfrozen bananas and then freeze the final product. The picture on the left is one example of ingredients I might use. (flax seed, raw honey, bananas and berries) The containers are filled with the result! The last picture shows popsicles I make with whatever smoothie we have left over. For this particular one I juiced parsley,red and green grapes, kale, raw beets, carrots, apple, ginger and celery. I then blended it with unfrozen bananas, frozen berries, raw honey and flax seed for a delicious smoothie. We didn’t finish so I poured the rest into molds and viola!

African Black Soap


African Black Soap

I have a love of castile soaps (and I’ll do some posts on that) but one of my absolute favorite soaps is African black soap. It’s made from the ashes of the leaves and bark from plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, and shea trees. The leaves and bark are sun-dried and then roasted in a kettle or pot at an even, constant temperature. Then water and various oils – palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil (including shea butter and cocoa pod powder) – are added to the mixture and stirred for at least a day. After that, the “soap” is left to set for two weeks to cure. Oftentimes the soap is made by women and is fair-traded, though not always.Black soap is traditionally made in west Africa, typically Ghana. The plantain skins give the soap Vitamin A & E, and iron. Because the soap has the highest shea butter content of any soap, it also offers UV protection. African Black soap can be used to improve a number of skin conditions and can also be used to wash and condition hair. If you have issues with dry, flaky skin, psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, acne etc…, it may be the soap for you. It can be used to remove makeup too. It’s high in iron, vitamin A and vitamin E. This soap comes in the chunk you see pictured. You can then just break off pieces as needed and if the piece you’re using gets to small, simply press it back into the original. You can also leave it soaking in water to turn it into a liquid soap. Liquid African black soap is also sold. My favorite fair trade place to buy it is When I made my own body butters and such, they were also my go to place for shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, aloe vera gel….a ton of stuff. If you’re not looking to make your own things, they sell different products too. You can also buy it on ebay and probably but you want to be sure that whatever source you use, it’s fair trade. Anyone use African Black soap?

A Body Butter recipe………..or not.


It’s time for a small confession.  I am horrible at following and making recipes!  Many times I post something and link it to another blog and it’s something that I already know how to make.  I do this because I have never taken the time to figure out the amounts I use to make various things.  I love to experiment and sometimes it leaves me with a lot of disasters but it often leaves me with some amazing masterpieces…….that I have no clue how to replicate!  One of my goals has been to be more conscious of how I make things so I can share the love with you!

I’ve been making body butters for years and I love it!  My basic recipe goes something like this.

Opens Cabinet to see what’s inside:  Huh, there’s some shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, beeswax and essential oils. 

Tosses various amounts of everything but essential oils (because when you heat essential oils, their scent/effectiveness dissipates so you always want to add it last and once everything has cooled) into a double boiler and melts. 

Now, I am aware that coconut oil goes from solid to liquid at 76 degrees and that beeswax makes body butter a bit firmer, so I often use less of these two ingredients than the butters but there are no measurements.   You know what’s cool?  It’s really hard to screw up body butter!  If you add too much coconut oil, you may have to store it in the fridge but then you have the benefit of it melting into your skin in such a luxurious way.  Most times I don’t even add beeswax.  (I also don’t add cornstarch or arrowroot powder.  Some people do because it takes away the greasy feeling that some body butters have.  I find that if you wait until your skin absorbs it; it goes away on its own.)

I stir the melted butters and pour them into a bowl to cool.  Once the bowl is cool enough I place it in the fridge (or freezer if I’m impatient) until it’s starts to solidify but is still soft.  Sometimes I miss that point and it’s hardened and then I take it out to soften a bit and either say, “Meh, I’ll just use it as is” or, if my attention span is particularly lengthy I’ll take it out and actually make body butter out of it by whipping it with a hand mixer.  It’s fun and like magic to watch it turn from one thing into something you’re thinking about dipping your finger into and tasting.  Then I add a few drops of essential oils, blend some more, scoop it into containers and voila, I’ve got body butter! 

You can store your butter in the fridge if it’s coconut oil heavy.  (The body butter pictured is about two years old and stored in my bathroom cabinet.  I wasn’t fan of the scent I created while playing mad scientist.……)

That being said, you probably want a real recipe, right?  Lucky for you, while going through some old papers, I found a recipe I’d created and wrote down.  (It was from when I first started making body butters and felt a need to measure.)  I also found an ingredients list with benefits of each ingredient and some uses.  I’ll post that below…….because it will help with the recipe which is still slightly…… Schanna like.

1 cup of butter (shea, cocoa, mango, can be mixture)
½ cup coconut oil
½ cup carrier oil (olive, jojoba, sweet almond, avocado, grapeseed, etc….)
15-30 drops essential oils

Combine butters and carrier oil in double boiler and melt while stirring at a medium heat.  Remove from heat to cool.  Pour in glass bowl and move to fridge until softly solid.  Mix with mixer for  5-10 minutes until whipped and fluffy while adding essential oils.  Scoop into jars and return to fridge to set for a few minutes.

By the way, after looking at the ingredients list, I don’t know that it will be helpful for this particular recipe but it might help you…….in life?  I’m posting it anyway!

Body Butter Ingredients and Benefits

 1.        Cocoa Butter- very moisturizing,, is an antioxidant, is rich in vitamin E, balances skin, promotes collagen production, helps with wrinkles, age spots, has properties that prevent cancer, is easily absorbed into the skin.  It is very smooth and soothing.

 2.        Mango Butter- reduces degeneration of skin and restores elasticity, like cocoa butter it is a natural emollient and antioxidant.  Mango butter promotes healing, and is a treatment for signs of aging.  It relieves itching, dryness, peeling, sunburn, small wounds and cracks, frost bite, muscle fatigue, skin allergies, eczema.

 3.        Shea Butter- evens skin tone, absorbs quickly, moisturizes, revitalizes skin, is rich in vitamins A, E,  & F, restores elasticity, helps with skin irritations, has healing properties, protects from UV rays,  helps prevent toxins in the air from penetrating skin, firms aging skin, helps with eczema, joint pain, muscle aches, drains toxins from skin,  fortifies cuticles and nails.

 4.        Jojoba oil- works like sebum oil (the oil our skin naturally produces), balances our sebum oil, is anti- bacterial, helps with acne, prevents moisture loss, works well on wrinkles and eczema, is anti-inflammatory and restorative.  (Jojoba oil is not an actual oil but a liquid wax) 

 5.        Sweet Orange Oil- is used in aromatherapy for its calming properties, detoxifies and boosts the lymphatic system, helps with collagen formation on skin, has anti- inflammatory, sedative, and antiseptic properties, helps with dull skin.

 6.        Tea Tree Oil-  has anti-fungal properties and is used in the treatment of dry skin, acne, ring-worm, cuts, scrapes, blisters, burns, rashes, oily skin, cold sores, insect bites, warts, yeast infections, lice, cysts, and athletes foot.  It encourages healing, and prevents infection.  It repairs skin, penetrates well, 

 7.        Peppermint Oil- applied to forehead reduces nausea, headache, and relief from stress, depression, anxiety, pain relief.  The Menthol in peppermint oil is cooling and nourishes and improves dull and/or oily skin.  Prevents clogged pores.

 8.        Aloe- improves skin’s ability to hydrate itself, great for burns and wounds, allows skin to heal itself.  Stimulates collagen and elastin and helps with age spots, wrinkles and creases. Prevents suppression of skins immune system, protects against UV rays even if applied within 24 hours after being exposed.  Aides in the removal of dead skin cells, penetrates well effectively carrying healthy additives into the skin.  Helps with joint and muscle pain, arthritis, is an anti- inflammatory.

9.        Vegetable Glycerin – Great for moisture retention, draws moisture from the air into the skin, is a natural preservative and has anti bacterial properties,

 10.      Coconut Oil –great moisturizer, delays wrinkles and sagging of skin, helps to treat psoriasis, eczema, ring-worm, thrush, herpes.  It has anti-fungal, anti-viral, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties. When applied to wounds it forms a chemical layer that protects from dust, air, fungi, bacteria, and viruses.  It is helpful in speeding up the healing process of bruises.  It is also a stress reliever when massaged into skin.  

 With the exception of the Tea Tree oil, this body butter is edible!  None of the ingredients clog pores and this butter can be used on the face, body and hair.  Your butter will melt when rubbed between palms and if left in heat will return to its original state once cooled.  For hot oil hair treatment, wash and towel dry hair.  Then put a small amount of butter in a microwave safe dish.  Put in the microwave for about 30 seconds and apply hot oil to hair.  Leave in for 15-20 minutes (or just leave in) and rinse out with water or after applying conditioner. 


See?  ^^^^^Helpful, yet not very helpful at all.  It’s how I roll.